Commercial Body & Rigging

At Commercial Body & Rigging, we take care to provide our customers high quality services that are personalized for their unique needs. We understand that to make it in today's world you have to be original, and sometimes that means you need out of the ordinary equipment. CBR staff members are professional, courteous, and efficient; but most of all understand that you have choices when it comes to who builds your trucks.


Custom Fabrication and Design

This is an area that we really excel in. When it comes to solving a design issue or building something for your company that no one else can build, we take the bull by the horns and deliver unique products for our customers. We will help design and even create 3- D CAD models so that we all work toward the same vision and goal efficiently. Building you the best possible truck is what we strive for every time we start a job.



Paint Shop

At CBR, we have a full paint shop. We can handle all painting needs - from simple parts to complete trucks. We have an extremely talented paint crew that will impress you with their skills. We have the capability to shoot single and two stage paints. We shoot Sherwin Williams industrial coatings so that we can deliver and stand behind all the work we do.



Crane Service and Repair

We have the ability to diagnose and repair most models of service cranes. We understand that a service truck costs you money when it's not in service and will do our best to keep your truck out of the shop and on the road. If we need to look at a unit and order parts, bring the truck in and we will be happy to help you repair your vehicle.




Inverters, Electronics & GPS  Installation

We sell and install power inverters, powered laptop stands, cell phone boosters, accessory power outlets, and many other kinds of additional equipment such as lighting, alarms, and GPS tracking systems. We can even install a GPS system or other electronic device that you bring to us and make getting your unit on the road an easy, one-stop shop.