About Us

Here at Commercial Body & Rigging, we believe that "Old School Service" is not a thing of the past, and that most customers want to do business with people that actually appreciate them and their individual businesses. Our goal is not to interact with every business or even most of the businesses out there, but to do a really good job at a fair price and earn our customer's loyalty one job at a time. We understand that there are more choices today than ever before in deciding where people can spend their money, and we want to make them feel good about us as a choice and provide true value at the same time. Our midsize company atmosphere allows us to give each customer an individual, personal experience and gives us the chance to get to know our customers and what they do on a deeper level. It’s not uncommon for our customers to become our friends, and that’s a rare instance in today’s non-personalized world.

Chances are, if it goes on a work truck... WE DO IT!